IV Packages & Prices

IV therapy can alleviate common symptoms from migraines, hangovers, cold, flu, dehydration, and more.

Our goal at VitaMedics is to give you the most ideal IV therapy package, so you can receive maximum benefits for your health and well-being all at the comfort of your location. We want you to feel better when we leave your home or office. We also offer custom options for you to add additional vitamins that are suitable for your personal lifestyle.


Give your body instant hydration through nourishing electrolytes.

ReHydrate IV Drip: helps replenish the body & mind with nourishing electrolytes, and restoring the bodies fluid balance while reducing acidity levels.


Give your body the elements it needs to increase energy & metabolism.

ReVitalize IV Drip: helps support the rebuilding, maintenance, and hydration of your muscles that can help to enhance endurance and recovery through vitamin infusions to improve performance.


Give your body the fuel it needs to to stay healthy and on the go. 

ReImmunize IV Drip: helps boost your immune system to help in prevention of travel related illnesses associated with common viral and bacterial exposure.